5 ways to improve your IELTS Score

brightus Posted on January 27, 2017

Do you agree that your dream of studying or settling abroad can make or break with a very slight margin of your scores? Sometimes hard work is not enough to get required bands, it’s the right strategy and planning which will make the difference. Here are some points to be considered to improve your score:

Speed your reading skills: As there is a time limit to complete the exam, so you need to speed up your ability to finish the exam in time. For this you need to practice a lot and if you think just joining any coaching institute will work, that’s not going to happen. You need to work hard to build the habit of reading. It’s not that you need to read only your curriculum books, but to increase your speed you just need to read. Read anything in English, any book that interests you, any English newspaper or journal and this will surely improve your reading ability and speed.

Give Mock Tests: Practicing different modules separately will not be enough to score high. You need to give Mock tests. Mock Tests make you familiar with the test format and structure and you yourself can assess your strengths and weaknesses in context of your speed, understanding the language, pronunciation and much more. So analyse yourself and practise for final exam with Mock tests.

Learn to Move On: Sometimes you spend too much time on a particular question and you end up losing time for the questions for which you know the answers. Whenever you feel stuck, try to move on to the next question and can always return back to it once you are done with other questions.

Don’t Panic:  Since childhood we tend to build unwanted pressure on exam day. It’s quite obvious but we need to learn not to be panic, have enough practice and self-confidence. That’s one of the mantra to get high scores and finish your exam on time. If you still feel stressed, practice meditation to stay calm and keep stress away on exam day.

Walk English and talk English: Don’t just speak or practice English in the institutes or where you are taking the course. You have to converse in English with all who understands the language, if you successfully want to clear the course and take high scores.